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That´s mah sexy world!! Come ´n see mah soul <3

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About Me
Mein Schadzz <3
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Mah Style fickt euch weqq...<3

On this page, I'll introduce myself. I'll talk about what my school, work, and family are like, or about some of the hobbies, sports, or clubs that I'm involved in.


Mah Style!!

Vorname: Daniela

Name: Sch.

Spitzname: Maus,Süße,Schatz,Engelschän,Bienschän,Vater Richmut,Sumpfhuhn usw...

Geburtsort: Gangstaville-Aachen

Geburtstag: 11. Juni 1991

Wohnort: Aachen-Schleckheim-Kuhkaff

Schule: in Burtscheid [Luise-Hensel]



  • Mathe
  • Streber
  • Zicken
  • Lucia 
  • Lügner
  • Machos
  • Möchtegerns
  • Bus fahrn xD
  • Regen
  • Spinat
  • nervige Pennerkinder

Favorite Stuff

Wie sieht das qurl aus??


Favorite TV Show:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Book:
Favorite Sports Team:
Favorite Food:
People I Most Admire:




  • Friends <3
  • Shopping  
  • BlingBling 
  • Kino        
  • TeLen     
  • Mah Handy xD [Mah Baby]
  • Schwimmen
  • Biken
  • MakeUp
  • Interneeeet
  • MsN
  • IcQ
  • Skype
  • Smirnoff Ice
  • Love
  • Mah Schadz

In this area, I might include quotes I like or that I feel capture my feelings, for example: